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"We do more than make you look good, our goal is to help you see yourself in the restored image of your true and perfect creation." - Doctor Holt

At the Holt Hair Restoration Center, our services range from helping patients that are just beginning to experience hair loss to those whose hair loss has already caused a disturbances to their self confidence and sense of well-being.

There are many factors that can cause hair loss, although the great majority of cases involve hereditary alopecia (the hair loss traits passed down through generations genetically). Fortunately, the great majority of cases are very amenable to hair restoration surgery, as a natural and permanent fix. Both men and women who suffer hair loss, can benefit greatly by having the right information, and the right specialist to manage their case.

If you are unsure if hair restoration is right for you, we offer complimentary consultations. You have nothing to lose. We will examine you and find out detailed information about your particular situation, and then we can recommend a detailed plan that may include both hair loss prevention programs, as well as hair restoration procedures.

Some patients may only need medical interventions to stop hair loss, and in some cases even reverse the effects of hair thinning. Others may be candidates for the tremendous benefits that can be achieved through modern day hair restoration microsurgery, combined with preventative management of ongoing loss. As an independent practice, we do not favor one type of medication or procedure over another based on prearranged agreements.

At the Holt Hair Restoration Center, we are completely here to support our patients and we only recommend what is in our patients' best value and interests. We can also work with you to arrange payment plans as necessary. Please contact us today and schedule your free consultation, so we can start getting you real answers to your hair loss concerns. Don't wait! The sooner that you come and see us, the sooner Dr. Holt can develop a personalized hair treatment program for you.

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