DHT is the main cause of Male Pattern Baldness. The good news, we can stop your hair loss, and get you hair back where you need it!

20% of our clients are female. Many women are not aware that they are candidates for hair restoration. We can get your hair back where you need it most!

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is still the gold standard in hair transplant procedures across the USA. It's a robust procedure that is very reasonably priced. It's also the only procedure that can provide 3000 or more grafts in one session.


Many men suffer from spotty beards and mustaches. Dr. Steven Holt has done many beard, mustache and sideburn transplants. Providing the density many men want, but don't have.


Dr. Steven Holt has been doing the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction by hand) procedure for over 10 years. FUE is done by shaving part of the safe donor area in the back of the head, so he can harvest follicles. He has a lot of experience in this area, but is very open about the drawbacks of an FUE procedure done by hand by an experienced Doctor. He won't do much more than 400 grafts, as with the hand method, a Doctor will experience fatigue and declining accuracy after about 400 grafts. That's why he added the ARTAS System FUE Robot to our arsenal, the very best FUE Procedure possible for larger procedures. (500-2000)


The ARTAS* System FUE Robot is the most advanced digital technology and precision robotics available for performing FUE Hair Transplants today. Dr. Steven Holt is a mentor for new ARTAS System Doctors, he trains new Docs who have bought an ARTAS System robot. He also performs procedures for our patients. The ARTAS System does not leave a linear scar in the donor area, you can wear your hair as short as you like.

Facial procedures are also very common in hair restoration. Many people also have issues with consistent hair growth on the face. Eyebrows getting thinner, patches in the beard, mustache or sideburns that aren't consistent throughout the area. We can transplant these areas and bring them up to normal density.


At the Holt Hair Restoration Center we cater to all walks of life and have helped patients from all over the continent. Dr. Steven Holt and our very experienced technicians are proficient in harvesting and placing hair follicles for every Nationality. Our clients come from all over the USA and other countries. This includes African American, Eastern Indian, and Asian ethnicities.


The Holt Hair Restoration Center also provides FDA approved methods of hair restoration that are non-surgical. Like topical solutions, low level red lasers, Skin Micro Pigmentation (SMP), as well as a prescription medication for men that stops hair loss in its tracks. During your consultation we will provide information on all of these non-surgical steps.

There is a lot of information available on this website including our FAQ,

Regain Your Confidence With Your Own Hair

Hair restoration and transplant surgery in Grand Rapids

There are many potential causes of hair loss, but few ways to effectively treat the issue. If you are looking for a more permanent solution to your hair loss problem, consider the hair restoration procedures of Holt Hair Restoration Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

For over seventeen years, our medical hair restoration staff has helped men and women fully regain their confidence through simple hair transplant procedures. To learn how Dr. Holt and his team of hair restoration professionals can help you gain a fuller, healthier head of hair, schedule your complimentary initial consultation today.

Dr. Steven Paul Holt Discusses
the ARTAS System F.U.E. Robot

Restore your hairline with the best procedures

FUE and strip method hair transplants in Grand Rapids, MI

During your initial consultation, we'll examine your condition and recommend the best treatment. Call today to learn how you can fully restore your thinning hair through either:

ARTAS System F.U.E. - high-tech robotic hair transplant method. The robot harvests hair follicles individually for a minimally-invasive, all-natural looking restoration.

Strip Method - the most common type of hair transplant. Removes a strip from a donor area and transplants it to needed areas. We use special suture techniques to minimize scar lines and promote hair growth over them.
We also transplant Beards and Eye Brows
Learn how these effective treatments can help you overcome hair loss by speaking with the professionals at the Holt Hair Restoration Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Treat your thinning hair in Grand Rapids, MI

You don't have to continue struggling with your hair loss condition. Holt Hair Restoration Center offers many solutions for hair loss in men and women of all ages, and we can help you. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation regarding hair restoration through transplant surgery in Grand Rapids, Michigan.