Why a Transplant?

With today’s knowledge and refined technology in hair restoration surgery, hair transplantation has become the highly preferred method of restoring the image disturbance and distractions brought about by hair loss. It should by no means be considered vanity surgery, because its purpose is to restore something that has been lost.

Hair transplantation utilizes a person’s own, real and growing hair, to replenish the areas of lost hair and restore the earlier appearance. The end result is completely “natural," and is managed no differently than your ordinary, real hair (because it is your ordinary real hair)!

While select treatments may be recommended to maintain your hair, and to prevent further hair loss, these methods alone are almost never able to achieve a complete or desired result of hair regrowth. Artificial appliances such as hair systems and wigs can be used. However, these methods cannot be called natural, and their long term maintenance will, in most cases, become more costly, and much more time consuming than a restored appearance achieved by hair transplantation.

For these reasons, hair transplantation has been demonstrated by a number of study surveys to be the most desirable and satisfactory way to address this very common issue.