What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

There are significant differences between men and women, in both the possible causes and the management of hair loss. While hereditary/genetic influences are still the most common cause in both genders, women have a higher incidence of medical conditions that may be causing, or contributing to hair loss and/or thinning. It is very important to proper management, that the contributing factors be identified. This is usually possible by simple history and physical examination by hair loss specialist or dermatologist. If a non-genetic hair loss condition is suspected, additional studies may be recommended to determine a specific diagnosis and proper treatment plan.

Many, if not most, women will be found to be excellent candidates for hair restoration surgery (hair transplantation) if needed. These would generally include cases of hereditary hair loss, hair loss from prior traction from tight beading and braids, and certain conditions caused by the use strong hair chemicals, such as relaxing agents. Regardless of the cause, hair loss is an especially sensitive issue and troublesome burden for a woman to have to suffer. There are special approaches needed when managing female hair loss as opposed to the more typical hair loss that men experience. Proper diagnosis and management of hair loss in women requires special training, experience and a proper understanding of the differences by the hair loss specialist. The Holt Hair Restoration Center manages all types of hair loss issues in both men and women.