About Holt Hair Restoration

"We do more than make you look good. Our goal is to help you see yourself in the restored image of your true and perfect creation."

Welcome to the Holt Hair Restoration Center, serving Grand Rapids and West Michigan. Renowned surgeon Dr. Steven Paul Holt is celebrating the 5th anniversary of his private practice of the medical and surgical management of hair loss disorders.

Dr. Holt is proud to welcome you to his independent practice for solutions on hair loss. Dr. Holt welcomes patients who have remained in his loyal and trusted care through the years from his previous practice in a national firm. He also welcomes all new clients, both men and women, who may be struggling with the difficult issue of hair loss.

"After nearly 10 years with a national firm, I decided that the very best service I can provide to my patients would be best done within the collective trust of one patient, and one doctor, along with my dedicated and expert staff of hair replacement experts. In 2015, we've achieved the five-year milestone of making that dream a reality."

"I have no regrets in how I arrived here. Although I worked as an employed physician with a high profile firm, I have been blessed to have earned the trust and respect of hundreds of patients whom I call friends. They know quite well that no 'company' can take care of patients with this level of sensitivity and trust. That can only come through the establishment of a close personal relationship that has always been held on sacred since the ancient days of medicine: The doctor-patient relationship. That relationship is just as it should be: between one doctor, and his trusting patient."

"I am now in a position to make this trust as the very foundation of my practice. I want to assure my new patients that I am a 'real hair surgeon' and expert in this specialty. Of the 1000+ doctors in the USA that practice hair restoration at some level, fewer than 300 are Board Certified, and even fewer are fellowship-trained in this specialty. I am happy to say that I am one of them."

"I dedicate my care and caring, to each one of my clients. Each client is special to me, and I go to great lengths to make sure that each patient is provided with the most advanced treatments available anywhere in the world. My experienced staff has worked with me for years, and feel the same way! This is truly one of the most skilled and knowledgeable hair restoration teams in the world."

Doctor Holt's staff is experienced in all areas of hair loss prevention and hair loss restoration. The staff of the Holt Hair Restoration Center have all been with the doctor for a number of years and can assist you with your hair loss issues.