Many clients who seek to have the FUE type of donor harvested transplant are already wearing their hair very short. For them, the matter of needing to “buzz cut” the hair on the donor area is of little concern, because it takes only days for it to grow back to a suitable length to blend in.

However, the issue of the donor area shaving becomes a practical limitation for those who don’t normally wear their hair short , and where they prefer not to make such a noticeable change in order to have an FUE transplant.

steven paul holt m.d. with artas fue robotic transplant machine


As a result, here is something I hear a lot:

I want an FUE procedure, but the idea of having to cut my hair very short makes it impractical. Do I have to use the strip method, or go someplace that advertises FUE without shaving?

No! You can still do a precision, robotic ,FUE; free of any worries about shaving the donor area!

We have developed a simple and very effective way to deal with the issue of needing to shave the donor area for extraction of the follicles by the FUE method. It’s a perfect fit with the precision, laser guided, ARTAS® FUE procedure.

You can leave the procedure with no outwards evidence that anything was done in your donor area, and the high quality of a precision laser guided FUE will not be compromised by attempting to extract without shaving; using far less advanced hand held methods that are NOT precision, laser guided methods; such as the ARTAS® is.

We call this the Conceal System® a post- FUE concealment system. As the name implies, it utilizes a temporary hair system that is pre-planned and custom made in advance of the procedure. It will match your hairs natural color, texture and length.

Check out this video, to see just how easy this method is to integrate this into the transplant plan, and how remarkably well it works:

Immediately after the procedure, the system piece is precisely fitted into the shaved donor area, where it blends in perfectly with your existing hair. In this manner, there is no requirement for cutting your hair or drastically changing your hair style to have an ARTAS® FUE transplant at The Holt Hair Restoration Center. You will simply use the system until the donor area hair has grown back to the desired length. We can even have the system ready to go on the day of the procedure, and can place it before you leave the office! In other words, you can leave the procedure looking no different in the back than when you walked in!

It uses a breathable, mesh backing, and a medical grade adhesive tape strip to hold it firmly in place. You can actually leave it on to shower and to cleanse the donor harvested area right away without removing it! You can swim, bike, run, and exercise; all of your usual activities; with no worries about the appearance during healing and regrowth.

It can also be easily removed with rubbing alcohol, and then reapplied as needed or desired. The heat sensitive tape will re-adhere easily with body heat, or faster using a hair dryer. The tape can be easily replaced if needed.

Typically it takes no more than a few weeks for your hair to grow back to a length needed to discontinue the system. It can be saved for future procedures should you have any.

To learn more about the post-fue concealment system, and about the ARTAS® Robotic FUE hair transplant, please call us at 616-940-3640.