I would like to give you all the highest amount of thank you's for the treatment and care I was given at your center. I didn't think I was going to be able to do anything about my hair loss, or that I would ever be able to afford it. But thanks to your care and concern for my situation, you made this all possible. You care more about the needs of your patients than you do about business revenues, it was this honesty that I truly admired. This also made me very comfortable the day of the procedure. The staff was so good to me, I really enjoyed the lunch. And I really appreciate that you did extra to the amount of grafts I paid for. I know that when this all grows in nice, and I see a full head of hair in the mirror, I know that I will regain a lot of my self-esteem. This is what you have done for me. May God Bless you all for the kindness, care and concern you have done for me to finally make this happen. With continued Thanks!

Ron T.

When I looked in mirror, the man that was looking back at me was a much older version of myself. I did not feel as old as I looked. I HATED going bald. In high school, I was known to have the best hair, and for me to lose it was devastating. I made an appointment at Holt Hair Restoration and if I had to sum it up in four words it would be…"it changed my life!" Thank You Holt Hair Restoration.

Kevin M.

Holt Hair Restoration has changed my life. I never thought I could feel this good about myself again. It not only changed the way my hair looks, but I have lost 20 lbs and has motivated me to do better at work. So not only do I have my hair back, I also have my dream job. Thanks again Dr. Holt and staff at HHR.

John W.

As a woman, one of the worst things that can happen to you is to lose your hair. I know because I experienced it myself. Dr. Holt has been able to change that for me. He gave me honest and real expectations. Now I don’t spend every minute of every day worrying about my hair loss. I now have the confidence back that I lost when I lost my hair.

Sue S.

Regain Your Confidence With Your Own Hair

Hair restoration and transplant surgery in Grand Rapids

There are many potential causes of hair loss, but few ways to effectively treat the issue. If you are looking for a more permanent solution to your hair loss problem, consider the hair restoration procedures of Holt Hair Restoration Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

For over seventeen years, our medical hair restoration staff has helped men and women fully regain their confidence through simple hair transplant procedures. To learn how Dr. Holt and his team of hair restoration professionals can help you gain a fuller, healthier head of hair, schedule your complimentary initial consultation today.

Restore your hairline with the best procedures

FUE and strip method hair transplants in Grand Rapids, MI

During your initial consultation, we’ll examine your condition and recommend the best treatment. Call today to learn how you can fully restore your thinning hair through either:

ARTAS System F.U.E. – high-tech robotic hair transplant method. The robot harvests hair follicles individually for a minimally-invasive, all-natural looking restoration.

Strip Method – the most common type of hair transplant. Removes a strip from a donor area and transplants it to needed areas. We use special suture techniques to minimize scar lines and promote hair growth over them.
We also transplant Beards and Eye Brows
Learn how these effective treatments can help you overcome hair loss by speaking with the professionals at the Holt Hair Restoration Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Schedule your complimentary initial consultation today

Treat your thinning hair in Grand Rapids, MI

You don’t have to continue struggling with your hair loss condition. Holt Hair Restoration Center offers many solutions for hair loss in men and women of all ages, and we can help you. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation regarding hair restoration through transplant surgery in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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Dr. Steven Paul Holt talks about the ARTAS System F.U.E. Robot